Testimonials …

Now looking back I am in awe of Jody.  She was so easily able to keep us both feeling safe as we shared emotions both of us had kept inside for some time.  Jody’s honesty and delivery system is a unique gift.  We left unsure of all our wedding plans except one…wherever and however Jody would be the one to marry us.” 

- Marlena & John


“ Working with Jody helped us to identify the uniqueness and meaning of our love for one another.  Our ceremony turned out to be a beautiful intertwining of ideas, stories and thoughts created by the three of us.” 

- Jessica & Kyle


“ There is an element of stress [in planning a wedding.] It is exciting, but there is an element of tension to set it up and to manage it. Jody was great from this perspective: she helped us to be focused on the content, on what it meant for us and for our families, to put the stress in the background and to focus on the more positive aspects of the ceremony. Which is great. We didn’t want that to be artificial. We wanted to be sincere, and she helped us. The journey to get to the ceremony was as enjoyable as possible.” 

- Daphne & JJ


"Reverend Jody was absolutely amazing. The ceremony that she created for us was so personal and wonderfully written. She was so lovely to work with and her genuine love for what she does shows in every step of the process. She truly listened to who we are and created a service that we will never forget. We are so grateful to have had the chance to be married by her and we would HIGHLY recommend to her anyone looking for a truly personalized and meaningful ceremony."

-Shelli & Sam


"We met with Jody three times in person as a couple and she asked us to tell her our story as she asked questions and took notes. It was fun to be able to talk with her about our experience as she is all about creating a service unique to us. She offered several options for tone and formality of language for us to choose from and over the next two months crafted her words to suit us. We went went over drafts of the ceremony together and it was done! 

Her presentation of the ceremony was flawless - the speed at which she spoke - carefully and deliberately and with honest feeling for us as people - came through and moved everyone in the room. Her humor and heartfelt caring for us and the importance of our decision to marry created an atmosphere of love and exuberance for us and our guests that we will never forget. She is a wonderful and positive spirit who I can't say enough good things about!" 

-Erin and Jason


"Jody was very helpful putting together a meaningful and spiritual service for our wedding. She offered insightful suggestions and I am thrilled that ALL our guests remarked that ours was a unique and very special wedding. I HIGHLY recommend using Jody for any occasion." "Rev. Jody is the best of the best! She brings her warm and loving spirit to whatever event you are planning. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to have the personal service of Rev. Jody along with a loving and warm heart to walk with you through all of your planning and be by your side throughout your event."

-Val & Susan


"Andy and I had a great experience working with Jody, from the first emails all the way to our wedding day! Her warmth and compassion comes through in all that she does. She went beyond what we expected from an officiant, for our first meeting we spent nearly 3 hours chatting and getting to know one another. She made us feel very comfortable with her creative process, and we felt we were involved in the designing of our ceremony. We've had many friends and family members compliment the ceremony saying it was personal and touching, and we couldn't agree more! Thank you, Jody, for helping to make our wedding day so special!"

-Kristen & Andrew


“There's something about Jody that makes you feel like she is part of your family even after only knowing her for a short time. After our initial Skype conversation with Jody, my wife and I decided we felt pretty good about choosing Jody to preside over our wedding ceremony. When it came time to write the ceremony itself, Jody invited us to her home for coffee and conversation. I don't think I will ever forget how I felt leaving Jody's house that day. My wife and I are generally very hesitant to share our feelings with anyone, but somehow we opened up to Jody. Walking back to my car, I was completely confident that we had made the right choice with Jody. Leading up to our wedding day we worked with Jody to write a truly personal ceremony. On our big day Jody was everywhere she needed to be and the wedding ceremony was flawless.

Jody is a professional and a fantastic writer. But more importantly, she was able to connect personally with Roxanne and me. I think, if I had to give advice to couples looking for an officiant, find someone you can connect emotionally with. Your wedding ceremony should be filled with emotion, namely the love between you and your partner, and the love your family and friends have for the two of you. Jody has an undeniable talent in bringing that emotion out, and understanding how you and your partner feel about each other on a very deep level. I would recommend Jody without reservation.”

-Roxanne and Bill


"Words cannot express how grateful we are to you and FOR you. Not only did you marry us on our desired date and time, but you went as far as opening up your home to us; given such a short notice too. You're such a wonderful, loving and thoughtful person. We're blessed to have you as our officiant. Your speech was beautiful, as is your heart."

-Hai & Hong Nhung


"Rev. Jody Lotito Levine is an exceptional officiant, but above all she is an extraordinarily warm and genuine soul! Initially my fiance and I had found her by chance (here on Wedding Wire), but by the end of our journey, we both KNEW that Jody was destined to bless us and our marriage. Jody's kind, understanding and loving demeanor quickly pulled us in. She is patient and listened to our every word...our every sentiment. Jody was always available and was truly interested in getting to know us, our love story. She felt it within her to represent our love in the most honorable, respectful, beautiful and unique of ceremonies. Her guidance has been remarkable, and we know this to be true due to her compassionate, caring and easy-going nature. Through our meetings, prior to our wedding day, the three of us found an irreplaceable and special interconnectedness. Her presence was duly noted during and after our ceremony as our guests had many compliments about Jody. They told us that her words were both soft and alluring and her spirit bright and sincere! Trust in me when I say it was absolutely a ceremony to remember! In Jody, not only did we find an outstanding officiant, but we also found a heartfelt friend."

-Jessica & Francis


“Her presentation of the ceremony was flawless - the speed at which she spoke - carefully and deliberately and with honest feeling for us as people - came through and moved everyone in the room. Her humor and heartfelt caring for us and the importance of our decision to marry created an atmosphere of love and exuberance for us and our guests that we will never forget. She is a wonderful and positive spirit who I can't say enough good things about!”

-Jason & Erin


"We could not have found a better person to marry us than Rev. Jody Lotito Levine! She has such wonderful energy and insight, a clear understanding of love and all that goes with it! Mind you we didnt give her much to go on, and she did a fantastic job at pulling it all together. Everyone was very impressed with her and told us afterwards it was the most authentic and genuine wedding/civil union that they had ever witnessed. We really owe that to Rev. Jody, she made everyone laugh and cry tears of joy. My husband and I highly recommend her."

-Maria & Donny


"Jody was our best find for our wedding! She did an absolute amazing job creating a ceremony that matched our ideas of what our ceremony would be. Jody took the time to talk with us and really get to know my husband and I. She was able to make our ceremony personal, but still balanced faith and emphasized our love story. My husband and I got so many compliments on our ceremony from our family members and friends."

-Sara & Ed


"I was married Dec 3, 2016 and could not have been more pleased to have chosen Rev. Jody to be our officiant! She helped make the process of creating a ceremony and writing our vows easy and stress free. I am frequently described as 'Type A' and Jody made me feel secure through the whole process; I knew what to expect when and she was always following up with me before I ever had to ask her for anything. She is very kind, sweet and funny. She meet with my husband and I a few times before the wedding so that we could get to know each other, and from these meetings she wrote a personal ceremony that was very us and our friends and family loved it. After the ceremony text was finalized she advised me not to look at it again before the wedding so it would be 'fresh' on the day of. Probably some of the best advice I received as it made me so much more present in our ceremony and it was new and special all over again. I could not recommend her more highly!"

-Amanda & Tim


Jody really understood our personalities and vibe over only one Skype session. She was really easy to work with and made everybody comfortable. Good flexibility.

-Claire & Byron


"Rev. Jody Lotito Levine is wonderful and an absolute delight. I am so happy that she officiated at our wedding. She is a totally warm person and answered all of my many questions openly, honestly, and with utter patience and expertise. I can't find enough superlatives to describe her and readily recommend her services."

-Mark & Giovanni


“Jody is in high demand but it is for a reason. Despite this, she had availability for our wedding and took us on, not because she needed to, she had another wedding on Friday and our wedding was far for her, but because she wanted to help us. Despite the time constraints, Jody was insistent that we would spend time together prior to our wedding. We were out of state so we could't meet in person so we improvised. We spent hours on the phone, video conferencing and it was such a nice experience. My husband (then fiancé) and I had dated for so many years, yet in a few hours on the phone with Jody, we had pealed back beautiful layers together to help Jody create the ceremony and learn about us as a unit.”

-Andrew & Kristen


“Jody is timeless, flexible and fun. Jody was exactly what we were looking for, we wanted warm, simple and joyful - nothing over dramatic. Jody was like Gumby, she could bend and twist and be the officiant we needed because she heard us and she wanted to give us the ceremony that suited Us as a couple. She read us and our guests, and totally went along with us for the ceremony - we wanted a coin toss as to who would say their vows first, she worked it into our ceremony. Jody is timeless - a joy to work with! “

-Mary & Paul


“We had the pleasure of working with Jody for our wedding and it was one of the best decisions we had made! We were lucky to meet with Jody first on our long list of "to-do's". Luckily, she had us hooked at the start! From the beginning introductions she was always very responsive, kind, caring and funny. We met with Jody for the first time a few months before the wedding and we were greeted with a big hug, some apps and good laughs (to us, this was an important note because we wanted that warm feeling at our wedding!). During our first meeting she really helped us understand the process, what needed to be done, a timeline, ceremony styles and the writings she had done for her clients. We were blown away with the amount of detail and love she put into all weddings before us! We wasted no time in hiring her!”

- Ryan & Noelle


“Jody was an amazing, fantastic officiant and we feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her! She met with us when we were first deciding on officiants, described her style and options, and showed us several unique ceremonies from other couples. We got a great feel for how open she is to tailoring a ceremony to each couple and making it as religious or non-religious as we were comfortable with. Jody then stayed in touch over email and sent us potential readings. We met with her a couple months before the wedding to create our ceremony. During this meeting, she went through our entire relationship with us to get to know us. She spent time with us and really seemed to care about getting it right. She created a personalized ceremony with our story and guided us in writing our own vows since that’s what we wanted to do.
Overall Jody really worked with us to make sure our ceremony was not cookie cutter and went above beyond to make our day special and meaningful. We would recommend Jody to anyone looking for a truly memorable and authentic ceremony to celebrate their marriage.”

- Heather & Alex


“We hired Jody for our wedding and she did an amazing job! She spent a lot of time to get to know us on a personal level to tell our story and write a ceremony that was very meaningful to us. My husband and I are both non-religious but we also come from different-faith backgrounds. In order to make our families happy, Jody was able to incorporate a prayer for his Catholic side and the glass breaking tradition for my Jewish side. She was so accommodating that she even agreed to do our wedding on her birthday! I highly recommend hiring Jody as your officiant.”

- Michael & Arielle


“The process of getting the ceremony written with Jody was about as smooth and painless as anyone could possibly want. We had two face to face meetings, and I emphasize face to face, with Jody to hash out what we were looking for in a wedding ceremony. I prefer to work in person with my vendors because we prefer a more human interaction and really appreciated Jody giving us the time to do that.
Jody showed us a few sample ceremony samples so that we may decide on the right tone for our ceremony, and she allowed us to write our own vows and pick any readings we might want to include. The final ceremony was beautifully written. We had a unique story, and we were glad that she chose to include it in the ceremony. Everyone thought it was sweet and heartwarming. Jody was also super helpful in walking through the process of getting a marriage licence. I really appreciate that as I really didn't know what I was doing.”

- Wong & Stefanie


“Jody was wonderful to work with! She took time to get to know us each individually and as a couple and provided a truly touching ceremony. We both answer "perfect!" when asked how our big day was, and Jody was a big part of that. We highly recommend her for anyone looking for an officiant who goes above and beyond to put a personal touch on your ceremony.”

- Dana & Mark


“My wife and I were extremely pleased with the service provided to us by Jody. From our first meeting, all the way to our wedding ceremony, we always felt like she really cared about us as human beings and that she wanted to give us a ceremony that was unique to us as a couple. We spent hours telling her all about the entire history or our relationship and she was always interested to hear more. She was wonderful in helping us to verbalize some of the feelings that we had about the whole occasion and that was something that we truly valued. Her decorum and poise on the day of was exactly what we were hoping for when we first sought out an officiant. She brought gravitas to the occasion, but the affair was still calmly light-hearted. Working with Jody was simply a pleasure, and we can’t recommended her highly enough!”

- Jon & Kristen


”We started off wanting a quick event to legalize our marriage since we are planning bigger weddings in our home countries. However Jody did a great job of explaining the importance of the legal event and persuaded us to think of meaningful things we could do and say to celebrate the significance of the commitment we were making. We are so grateful she did because it was simply a marvelous, intimate and memorable way to begin a wonderful chapter in our lives. She took the time to get to know us and it made such a difference in the warmth and familiarity she brought to our little ceremony on our balcony. Thanks so much Jody. “

- Martin & Susan


“Where do we begin with our dear Jody? My fiance and I had absolutely no idea who she was when we reached out on WeddingWire, but I just had a feeling by her profile that she would be perfect to officiate our ceremony! Just that feeling has turned into what we hope to be a lifetime of friendship and counsel. Jody will tailor your ceremony to whatever you believe; whether you’re spiritual, religious, etc she will show you examples galore to make sure that your special, most important day is everything it should be. If you share the same opinion as we do, that the ceremony is the top priority, because it is the actual meaning of the marriage, then you have to choose Jody. Beyond our ceremony, Jody has forged an everlasting bond with us and has helped us through countless tough experiences leading up to the wedding. Every minute we spend with her we feel more connected to each other and our own selves. I could go on and on about how brilliant, genuine, kind and special she is but I would be here a while ;). If you’re considering Jody for your wedding there really is nowhere else to look. She will actually care about you and not treat you like just another couple. She is a complete gem.”

- Michael & Nikki


“My wife and I hired Jody as our officiant for our wedding on 10/15/17, and we could not have been happier with everything she did. From our first meeting, when we talked about how she generally writes the ceremonies, to the pleasant afternoon we spent together, talking about the history of our relationship and helping Jody get a sense of who we are as a couple, to the day of the wedding itself, everything was absolutely wonderful from start to finish. One of my relatives said, after having heard the ceremony, that if they "hadn't known us before, they would have after that ceremony; [Jody] perfectly captured who [we] are as a couple." The emotion was genuine, the ceremony heartfelt, and we could not have been more pleased. “

- Timothy & Maggie


“To say that Jody is amazing is an understatement. My husband and I went into this very skeptical. We interviewed 3 officiants. Jody stood out in so many ways. She not only got to know us, she built us a beautiful ceremony that truly reflected who we are as a couple. It was so touching that our family members approached us and said it was the best ceremony they had ever attended. We feel so blessed to have Jody as a friend now. Our picture with Jody from our special day has already made its way to a frame in our house. We would highly recommend her! “

- Alan & Lisa


“Thank you for making our wedding such a memorable day. We enjoyed working with you and appreciate all of your time and efforts in helping us create the perfect ceremony.  We found Jody online through Wedding Wire, and after an introductory phone call we knew we had to learn more about her services. The first-time meeting with Jody we instantly knew that this was going to be an extremely comfortable setting and with so much stress and hype around planning a wedding we were so thankful for her approach and keeping everyone at ease.  Whether it was in person, over the phone, or email, Jody was very easy to communicate with. With her guidance creating a wedding ceremony was a breeze, everything came together and before we knew it we were saying I Do! The most impressive gift that Jody has is her ability to listen. This was the most important day of our lives, and we were lucky to experience it with the most professional wedding officiant.”

- Carly & Ryan


“Jody was one of the best choices we made during our wedding process. Not only is she an amazing officiant but she is a good person to have on your team when you are stressed out about the wedding. She becomes a friend in the process and is someone who I hope to stay in contact with in the future to help with other life obstacles. My wife and I are not religious but Jody was still able to express our love to the crowd in a way that anyone of any religion could truly feel touched by. Sitting with her in her home and telling her our story helped reinforce the love we have for each other and reminded us why we are getting married. Jody is not just an officiant but she is there to support you during this stressful time. Jody is able to point out things about you as a couple that you didn't even know were true and this helps confirm the love you have for each other. Jody was everything you would want in an officiant which I'm sure you can tell by just reading some of her amazing reviews. She is an excellent public speaker, writer, very professional, has a flexible schedule and she a great sense of humor. Also because she is knowledgeable in other spiritual ways she was able to calm my nerves down on the actual day of my wedding. It is easy to forget what you are actually planning during the process. When choosing your officiant you have to remember that the actual ceremony itself is the event that people are coming to see. Jody was the perfect person to host this ceremony and absolutely worth every penny. “

- Thomas & Jennifer


“If you are looking for an officiant who is professional, kind hearted, responsive, well spoken and written, and someone who customizes your ceremony to you and your significant other look no further, Jody is just that. Jody listened to our thoughts, got to know us and was able to create the most beautiful ceremony that really embodied my husband and me. She brought things into the ceremony she had learned about us during our meeting and included a few religious things as we requested some religion be included for our grandparents. At our cocktail hour we had everyone coming up to us saying how much they loved the ceremony. My mom couldn’t believe how much the ceremony reflected my husband and me and our relationship. She said it was the perfect amount of funny, serious and romantic that she could have ever imagined for our wedding ceremony. “

- Lindsey & Nick