I am an ordained Interfaith and Interspirational Minister who has been officiating weddings, vow renewals, memorials, and baby blessings for over 12 years from coast to coast and around the world.

I am also an Integrative Life Coach who guides individuals, couples and families. I am a speaker, motivator and small group facilitator with a substantial events background. I have honed my ability to capture the uniqueness of your bond into words, including what each of you uniquely brings to your relationship and now your marriage. I have married heterosexual and same sex couples in formal and informal settings of 4 to 400, indoor and outdoor, casual and formal in a wide variety of venues. Iʼve done almost 200 weddings in NYC, along the waterfront in Jersey City and Hoboken, where I live, as well as in the Hudson Valley, Connecticut, Florida and abroad. I am fully available to you via email, phone, FaceTime and in person from the moment we contract to work together through your wedding day, including all necessary paperwork to make your marriage legal.